Crushing Weight: Forn in the studio

Crushing Weight: Forn in the studio
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I was recently invited to swing by New Alliance East to spend a day with some of the guys from Forn, a doom band based roughly in Boston (and Connecticut and Oakland, CA), while they started work on an upcoming LP.


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I caught Forn live most recently at Migration Fest, a three day metal party thrown by Gilead Media and 20 Buck Spin out in Olympia, WA, this past summer. Forn have a longstanding relationship with Gilead Media, an Oshkosh, WI based record label run by Adam Bartlett.

The band, minus the singer Chris, met up in Cambridge to track with Alec Rodriguez, himself an active part of the Boston metal community. While their live shows typically feature burning sage and candles, the studio session leaned more toward Dunkin Donuts, cheap beer, and constant jokes. 

Forn plan to keep busy in 2017 with appearances in Europe at both Vendetta Fest, Doom Over Leipzig, and Europe's premiere metal festival, Roadburn. Roadburn 2017 is being curated by John Dyer Baizley, of Baroness.