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Resistor - Artists Against Trump

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Resistor - Artists Against Trump

Everyone knows the American political landscape is looking rather grim since November, 2016. People are rightfully scared and people are taking to the streets to voice their opposition. In Salem, MA over the course of two hectic February Mondays, GodCity Studios master mind Kurt Ballou offered up his time and skills to help give another kind of resistance an opportunity to be heard.

5 Bands from around the Eastern Massachusetts/Providence region who had songs with an anti-Trump message were given a free recording session to get those songs recorded in order to bring some art to their part of the resistance. Kurt invited Bromide Collective photographer Reid Haithcock to come and document the process.

(-)Nixon (pronounced Negative Nixon) and Kreisau Circle brought their songs to God City for the first Monday; fast screamy hardcore and more rhythmic and reserved punk respectively. The second Monday saw Blood Built Empire, Worst Days, and Disaster Strikes; angular post punk, grind-hardcore, and political melodic punk respectively.

The recording sessions were quick and dirty, tracking nearly everything live with limited overdubs or punch ins, and at least one band nailed their vocals in one take. The goal wasn't sonic perfection, the usual output of God City, but rather a rapid response to the current political shitstorm. 

Each band brought a different style and approach to punk, but they all came from the same viewpoint that things have gone off the rails and speaking out and making art are one step of many in resisting the the madness in D.C.


Kreisau Circle

Blood Built Empire

WorsT Days

Disaster Strikes

-Reid Haithcock.

Many thanks to Kurt for having me up. Stay tuned for a forth coming video from the recording sessions.